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Are you ready to lead a happier life? Are you ready to find love and freedom? Sometimes we hold on so tightly to things, we don’t see what is right in front of us. Tune in and let new and better things come into your life! Learn the true meaning of surrender. This show teaches you How to Lose to Gain it All! Learn how surrender is the way forward to deep healing as Brittany shows you the steps to freedom and love through letting go. Surrendering to life helps you find love and freedom for yourself. Lead a happier life!

Brittany Miles is a healer, speaker, and author and her message to you is Surrender to Life. Using surrender principles, she teaches that all you can do in each moment is to surrender. If you hold on, you can’t let new and better things come into your life. Brittany shares how she gained a release from suffering by telling her own story of how she lost everything she thought was important to her.

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Interview on The Dr. Pat Show